Learn how to connect Evervault to your preferred providers for Logs, Metrics, Compliance and more.


Each Evervault Primitive can be connected to Datadog through your Teams Settings. Datadog compatible Log and Metrics will sync from your primitives in real time.


Before enabling the Datadog intregration you should have:

  1. A Datadog API Key if you wish to export Logs and Metrics

Logs & Metrics

Once you have created an API Key, access your Evervault Team settings and configure the Datadog Integration

Configuring Datadog

Logging data will start streaming to Datadog for Relay, Functions and Enclaves if enabled. Statsd metrics will also be streamed from Enclaves.

Enclave Metrics

The following list of stats will be sent to Datadog if Enclaves are enabled

The stats can be queried with host:<enclave_name>-* or enclave_uuid:<enclave_uuid>


The Evervault Vanta integration will sync your Evervault Team's users into Vanta. You can then use this information to provide evidencing to auditors. To start syncing users, enable the integration from the Team Settings page:

Configuring Vanta

Clicking allow will give Evervault permission to sync your Evervault Users into your Vanta account.