Evervault is encryption infrastructure for developers.

Using Evervault means you never touch sensitive data in plaintext. You don’t need to configure cryptography libraries or manage keys. Evervault does all cryptography and key management, and never stores your data — either in plaintext or encrypted.

At the core of Evervault is E3, the Evervault Encryption Engine. E3 is what all Evervault products and services are built on, and is where all cryptographic operations happen. E3 is built on AWS Nitro Enclaves — fully isolated, hardened, and highly constrained virtual machines that have no persistent storage, no interactive access, and no external networking.

Evervault Architecture DiagramRelay and Cages are built on E3

Relay automatically encrypts sensitive data at the field-level before it enters your app, and decrypts it as it leaves. Integrate in 5 minutes by including our SDK and changing a DNS record.

Cages are isolated serverless functions hosted on Evervault for processing the data you encrypt with Relay or our SDKs. You can deploy and run any Node.js code as a Cage.

Understanding Evervault

Get Started

The best way to get started with Evervault is by signing up in the Evervault Dashboard. If you’re looking for more information see our language guides, or see our API Reference and FAQs.

Evervault Badges

Add an Evervault badge to your website footer to show your customers & users that you use Evervault to encrypt their data.

Click the badges to copy the embed code.

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