Evervault is encryption infrastructure for developers.

Using Evervault means you never touch sensitive data in plaintext. You don’t need to configure cryptography libraries or manage keys. Evervault does all cryptography and key management, and never stores your data — either in plaintext or encrypted.

Relay is a proxy for encrypting data before it touches your API, and for decrypting it as you send it to a third-party API or return it to your users over TLS.

Cages are isolated serverless functions hosted on Evervault for processing encrypted data. You can deploy and run any Node.js code as a Cage.

We also provide frontend SDKs for encrypting data in the browser and on the client, and backend SDKs for encrypting data at your server — as well as configuring Relay and running Cages.

Understanding Evervault

Get Started

The best way to get started with Evervault is the Tutorial. If you’re looking for more information see our language guides, or see our API Reference and FAQs.