Process encrypted data.

Cages are serverless functions hosted on Evervault for processing the data you encrypt with Relay or our SDKs. You can use Cages to isolate your Node.js code that processes sensitive data from the rest of your stack.

You can write and deploy any serverless function to a Cage. At present, Cages can only be written in Node.js. You can call and run a Cage with any language that can send HTTPS requests.

Coming soon - deploy Docker Containers as Cages for machine learning, resource-intensive apps or services, and worker processes.

Use Cases

You can deploy any Node.js code as a Cage to process data in whichever way you need.

  • Serverless functions. Cages are serverless functions, so you can deploy any code you would to other serverless function services — like AWS Lambda, Firebase Functions, Azure Functions, Cloudflare Workers etc. The core difference being that you never touch sensitive data in plaintext.
  • Machine learning. Deploy your machine learning model as a Cage, send it the data you encrypt with Relay, and get the result.
  • Document generation. Encrypt & store identity data (like addresses and social security numbers), generate a document in a Cage, and send to a third-party direct mail API like Lob.
  • API authorization. Encrypt your users' credentials for third-party services using Relay, and authorize with those services by running a headless browser in, or calling an API from, a Cage.

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