Test your implementation

By default, all Evervault Apps have access to the Network Tokens API in test mode. Test mode allows you to test the full merchant enrollment and token creation process without affecting live data. Once you're ready to transition to Live Mode for processing real Network Tokens, please contact our support team at support@evervault.com.

The liveMode flag in API responses indicates whether the test environment is in use or not. A value of false signifies that the action was performed in the test mode.

In the test mode, you can use specific Test Cards to simulate various real-life scenarios. These cards can be used in conjunction with any valid expiry date or CVC.

Visa Test CardMastercard Test CardTest scenario
Any valid Visa cardAny valid Mastercard cardSuccessful network tokenization
41111101166388705555550130659057Ineligible card (e.g. the card issuer doesn’t support card tokenization)
41111117389736955555550487847545Invalid card (e.g. the expiry doesn’t match the expiry of the card)
41111101484864055555558824815604Declined Tokenization (e.g. the issuer explicitly denied network tokenization)
41111160289982605555558122432110The Token Service Provider is unavailable (e.g. the networks are having an outage)