Tutorials and how-tos to get up and running with Evervault and understand the basics of encryption.

Rotate an Enclave Signing Certificate

Step-by-step instructions to rotate the signing certificate for an Enclave

February 2024

Cages to Enclaves Migration Guide

Step-by-step instructions to migrate from Cages to Enclaves

January 2024

Invoke OCR on a Sensitive Document using Python and Enclaves

Scan a passport using an OCR library inside a Enclave to determine passport validity and lending eligibility.

August 2023

Run GPT-2 Inside an Enclave using Python

Utilize the power of language models while ensuring protection of personal and prompt data.

June 2023

Run Inference on a Sensitive Model and Data using Python and Enclaves

Use the Evervault Enclaves to runs an image against a brain tumor segmentation model in an Enclave

May 2023

Reliably reproduce an Enclave from source

Reproduce the same Enclave bit by bit from any machine

May 2023

Upload an Encrypted File to S3 Using Next.js

Use Evervault Node and React SDKs to save an encrypted file to a S3 bucket.

PCI CompliancePII
April 2023

Validate Phone Numbers with Functions

Use Evervault Functions to validate encrypted phone numbers, normalize the formatting of the phone number, and then return the encrypted and normalized phone number alongside a validity check.

February 2023

Collect Card Data with UI Components

Use the Evervault Inputs UI Component to securely collect credit card data in the browser without handling it in plaintext.

UI ComponentsPCI Compliance
December 2022