Process charges using Network Tokens

Network Tokens can be utilized as payment credentials to process charges across several payment gateways for Customer Initiated Transactions (CITs) and Merchant Initiated Transactions (MITs). To utilize Network Tokens during the payment flow, verify that your payment gateway is equipped with the necessary API support for Network Tokens, as they often feature dedicated APIs for processing Network Token transactions.

Merchant Initiated Transactions (MITs)

To process an MIT, the only requirement is the token number (found in the number attribute of the Network Token Object) and the token's expiry date (expiry attribute in the Network Token Object).

Customer Initiated Transactions (CITs)

CITs necessitate the generation of a Token Cryptogram, serving as a substitute for the traditional CVC code found on the back side of a payment card. The Token Cryptogram is designed for in-memory use only and must be disposed of after each payment attempt, regardless of whether the attempt succeeds or fails.

Generate a unique Token Cryptogram using the Network Token Cryptogram API:

The response will include the cryptogram and is structured as follows:

Fallback to PANs

In the event of a transaction decline with a token, it is advisable to attempt the payment authorization again using the PAN (card number) credentials. This best practice ensures a secondary payment route, enhancing the success rate of transactions.