Handle Network Token updates

One of the primary advantages of utilizing the Network Tokens API lies in its ability to notify you whenever there is a change to a card. Such changes may occur under various circumstances like a card replacement due to loss, theft, expiration, or the renewal of the token itself. Handling token updates ensures that the tokenized payment credentials on file are always up to date.

Network Token Update Notifications

To benefit from card update notifications, you can set up a Webhook Endpoint and subscribe that endpoint to the payments.network-token.updated Webhook Event. Endpoints can be registered using the Evervault Dashboard (App Settings) or programmatically using the Webhook Endpoints API.

Upon any update dispatched by the card network, a notification message is then sent to your Webhook Endpoint, which are specifically subscribed to the payments.network-token.updated event. This ensures that your system is immediately notified of any changes, allowing for uninterrupted payment processing.

The attributes that can be mutated during an update are number, expiry, card & status.