Webhook Alerts

See Relay and Cage errors in Slack, Discord or sent to any webhook url of your choice.


In the dashboard navigate to Cage/Relay -> Alerts -> Add Alert to setup Slack, Discord or custom webhook alerts.

Expected Fields

When you configure a custom webhook to receive alerts, the following fields will be in the response.

teamUuidUnique identifier for your team
errorMessageMessage explaining what went wrong
evMessageMessage about where the error has occurred
activityLinkA link to view the failed transaction in the dashboard
timestampThe time the error occurred
errorTypeThe error type from Relay or Cages
statusCodeThe HTTP response code
statusGroup4XX, 5XX or ERR

Relay Specific Fields

Fields on Relay alerts

relayUuidUnique identifier for your relay
inboundDomainYour Relay domain

Cage Specific Fields

Fields on Cage alerts

cageUuidUnique identifier for your Cage
cageNameThe name of your Cage

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