Functions are serverless functions hosted on Evervault for processing the data you encrypt with Relay or our SDKs.


A convenient way to configure your Functions in code.

A template function.toml can be generated using the ev function create-toml command in v3 of the Evervault CLI.

Evervault Functions are configured using a function.toml configuration file which can be committed to source control. Simply include a function.toml file in the root of your repository and Evervault will automatically include it at build time.

The format of a function.toml is as follows:

# Customize your Function's timeout by providing a positive integer value.
# The timeout is defined in seconds.
# Default: 30
# Maximum: 900
timeout = 120
# Customize your Function's entry point by specifying the handler in the form `<FILE>.<FUNCTION>`
handler = "main.myFunc"
# The name of your Function
name = "your-function-name"
# The language of your Function
# Node: node@18
# Python: python@3.7, python@3.8, python@3.9
language = "node@18" "python@3.7/8/9"

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